Apply for a manager’s cheque

Use this convenient, safe and reliable way to pay large amounts of money, quickly

What is a manager’s cheque?

A manager’s cheque is a cheque issued by the bank drawn upon itself and can be encashed by the bearer. It’s also called a treasury cheque or cashier's cheque. A manager’s cheque is always guaranteed by the bank. It’s a convenient, safe and reliable way to pay large amounts of money relatively quickly as it does not go through the regular cheque clearing process.

You must deposit the exact amount in the bank in exchange for the cheque and pay a charge for the service.

A drawee cannot return a manager’s cheque unless it has been forged, has missing information or has been altered in any way.

We can issue a manager’s cheque in AED only. Please note that this is an account payee cheque and can only be drawn on locally by banks in the UAE.

Apply for a manager’s cheque

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What's next?

If you place your request before 11:30am through your online banking, your manager’s cheque will be processed the same working day, subject to availability of balance and accuracy of details, otherwise it will be processed the next working day.

Your cheque will be delivered to you by Empost within 3 working days. You will be contacted on your registered mobile number to schedule the delivery.

Fees and charges

The charge for a manager’s cheque is determined by your Emirates NBD Banking Package. Learn more on the links below:

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