Making a difference by embracing the different

A part of Emirates NBD’s Social Investment Strategy Framework, #TogetherLimitless programme is committed to building a disability-inclusive society, where different dreams and different potentials work towards a common purpose – to create a world without barriers.

We stand by our pillars and believe together, we are empowered.


Through education and knowledge


To blur the line between abled and disabled


Our commitment to society as a whole


Investing in people & optimising our community’s resources

Committed to our mission of creating a diverse future

1. Develop Knowledge

2. Support Inclusion

3. Create Partnerships

4. Increase Public Awareness

A journey that’s filled with defining experiences

Year: 2015

  • Launched Social Investments for Financial Literacy and Advocating for People with Disabilities (PwD)

Year: 2016

  • Launched first DFB (Disability Friendly Branch) in Jumeirah
  • Launched our PwD Beyond Package
  • 8 PwD were placed into full-time employment with us

Year: 2017

  • Deployed 2 new Assistive Technologies (Hearing Loop and Braille Printer)
  • Trained frontline staff on DET (Disability Etiquette Training)
  • 19 PwD were placed into full-time employment with us

Year: 2018

  • Deployed 2 more Assistive Technologies (KinTrans and Traveler HD)
  • Trained frontline staff on ASL (American Sign Language)
  • 27 PwD were placed into full-time employment with us

Year: 2019

  • Expanded our DFB network to 47 branches
  • Launched “White Paper on Accessibility”
  • 9 PwD were placed into full-time employment with us

Year: 2020

  • Expand accessibility across internal departments
  • Website accessibility
  • Explore new Assistive Technologies deployments

Year: 2021

  • Launched our flagship Expo branch showcasing our 5th assistive technology: Tactile map
  • Staff trained on Emirati Sign Language
  • Published reports on CSR Label accreditation and Accessibility & Inclusion benchmarking

Spearheading an era of transformation

Accessible and Inclusive Banking

Special packages, exclusive benefits and disability-friendly branches among others to make banking easy and accessible for all.
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Employing People with Disabilities

Launched Careers Network Programme to contribute and promote diversity & inclusion at the workplace.
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Social Return on Investment 2017 – 2019

Executive Summary – Disability Inclusion Programmes

In 2020, Emirates NBD in collaboration with an external partner agency - Sustainable Square, conducted an impact assessment on two of its disability inclusion programmes using the Social Return on Investment (SROI) framework.

Accessibility & Inclusion Benchmarking Report

In 2021, Emirates NBD in collaboration with an external agency - Sustainable Square, conducted its very first Accessibility and Inclusion Benchmarking study. The report aimed to benchmark and identify regional and international trends and models of best practices in accessible banking.

Our Partners

Together, in this journey of transition