Free valet parking on your card

Get up to four free hours of valet parking a month at Abu Dhabi malls

Park and shop

Get up to 4 free 1-hour valet parking services every month at the shopping malls below:


Parking Entrance

Yas Mall

Main Entrance

Cinema Ground Floor

Tryano Entrance

Hypermarket G

Hypermarket M

Hypermarket LG

Ferrari World

The Main Entrance

Yas Water World

The Main Entrance

Marina Mall

Main Entrance

VIP-1 Entrance

VIP-2 Entrance

Deerfields Mall

Main Entrance

Emergency Entrance

Cleveland Clinic

Main Entrance

Emergency Entrance

Dalma Mall

Main Entrance

Home Center Entrance

Center Point Entrance

Green Parking Entrance

Green Parking – 2nd Floor

Blue Parking Entrance

Blue Parking – 2nd Floor

Warner Bros

Main Entrance

Health Point Hospital

Main Entrance

Al Jimi Mall Al Ain

Main Entrance

Cinema Parking Entrance

Rain Coffee Shop Entrance

Not valid for VIP valet parking and every additional hour will be charged AED 30.


The following cards are eligible:


Yes, the free valet service will be available on supplementary credit cards too.