Earning Plus Points

Be rewarded for all your domestic and international retail spends

Earn Plus Points on your Credit Card

Our Plus Points loyalty programme rewards you for your everyday spends using your Emirates NBD Credit Card. You are automatically enrolled to the programme when you activate your credit card.

Cards that earn you Plus Points:

You earn Plus Points every time you make a retail purchase using your credit card. The type of card and transaction determine the number of points you earn.


The number of points you can earn is based on your credit card type.

Learn all about Redeeming your Plus Points and start enjoying your benefit. 

Manage your rewards

Track your rewards

Transfer your rewards

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Only retail spends earn Plus Points. Loans on your card, cash advances, bank fees and charges, balance transfers and 0% installment payment plans don’t earn points. Click here to learn more about eligible transactions.

Plus Points don’t expire as long as you have an active Emirates NBD card. Once you redeem them for Frequent Flyer Miles, the terms and conditions of your frequent flyer programme apply.

Rewards earned for transactions on your supplementary credit cards are transferred to your primary credit card.

No, you won't lose your rewards, they'll just be transferred to your new Emirates NBD card.